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"As a more mature member of the community, I had reservations going from 2 to 4 wheels. However, freedom-2-drive was very respectful of my concerns and I must say was extremely patient. I took quite a few more lessons than a youngster. Even so, I still enjoyed every one of them, as it became part of my weekly ritual. To pass first time was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life. I was thrilled to pass first time - it was like the icing on the cake."

Margaret, 48 years old passed first time after 55 lessons

"Before I went to James I had already failed once on the left reverse. At first, I was still having difficulty getting it right, but James talked me through the manoeuvre very clearly and I gained some really good tips, which gave me the confidence to pass the next time. Its great to have the "freedom to drive" whenever I want."

Rachel 25 years old passed first time (with Freedom) after 10 additional lessons

"Learning to drive was cool, but the best thing was the 'Pass Plus' lessons. I couldn't be bothered with another test, so when I was told there wasn't one, I did them any way. And I was chuffed I did. We went out in the country, buzzin around the back lanes, as well as up on the motorway. I got some really good stuff out of them and cheaper insurance too."

Mark 17 years old, passed first time after 29 lessons




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Driving Instructor Association Driving Standards Agency MOtor Schools Association