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There are many rules and regulations in force to ensure safety on the road and as a driver you will need to be aware and adhere to them. To help you with this task The Theory Test comprises of 50 randomly selected questions based upon the Highway Code.

The questions asked range from Traffic Signs, Hazard Awareness, and Driver Attitude.

You have 60 minutes to complete this part of the test, after a few minutes practice to help you get accustomed to the procedure.

The equipment used for this test is a touch screen computer at a number of test centres based around the country. The test centres are not the same as the Practical Driving Test centre.

You will be asked a question that may require one, two, three or even four answers. You need to get all answers correct where you are asked for a number of answers, in order to get the whole question right.

In September 2009 the Theory test changed where the last 5 questions are based on a case study.

After completing the multi choice question part, the second part involves the candidate viewing the same screen, which will run 14 video clips, of a recorded drive from a camera mounted on a car. Candidates are assessed on how soon they spot the numbers of 15 scoreable dangers per clip, by clicking the mouse.

The pass mark for the second part of the test is 44 out of 75. You will need to pass both parts of the test to qualify for your Theory Test certificate

To help you with the test, if you wish, a question and answer session could be included in your lesson. Or maybe explain a certain topic in greater detail should you have difficulty understanding the concept.

Just like any other test, preparation will guarantee success.

Useful reading material includes:

The Highway Code

The Highway Code is essential reading for everyone. Its rules apply to all road users: pedestrians, horse riders and cyclist, aswell as motorcyclists and drivers.

Many of the rules in the Highway Code are legal requirements, and if you disobey these rules you are committing an offence.

The Official Theory Test (also available on CD-Rom)

This best selling title is the official publication - written and compiled by the DSA to help you to pass the Theory Test. Covering all aspects of the test it is the most comprehensive guide available, and includes the very latest information with around 1,000 questions.

The Official Driving Manual

The essential reference manual for all motorist and good instructors, covering subjects such as defensive driving, bend and junctions and manoeuvring. It's a driving instructors bible!


The official guide to Hazard Perception for all drivers and riders. It helps you to prepare for the second part of the theory test.

All the above study aids are from the school at heavily discounted prices (see offers and discounts)

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