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What causes people to fail their test?

INEXPERIENCE. The majority of people go for their test before they are ready. Building up your experience (either with your instructor, or friends and family) will improve your chance of passing your test. You can find out the top 10 reasons why people fail by visiting the DSA website at .

Which licence do I need to start?

You mst have received from the Driving Vehicle Licence Agency (DVLA) a valid provisional licence. If you are applying for your first licence, you will need to complete application forms D1 and D750. These are available form any Post Office. Should you require any help in filling these out, the leaflet D100 gives you more information.

The DVLA now only issue photo card licences so whether you are applying for you first licence, renewing or exchanging your old one, you will need a passport size photo of yourself.

How long will it take to get my licence from the DVLA?

You should receive your licence within 3 weeks and it is valid until your 70. There are two parts to the licence

The photo card "Identity Details" only part

The paper counterpart showing endorsements and entitlements. .

Can I start driving before taking my practical test?

You can start to learn to drive before passing your Theory Test (see Theory Test) but you cannot apply for your Practical Test until you have a valid Theory Test certificate.

My mate says I can be on the road at 16 years old. Is this true?

Yes you can start to drive a car at 16, but only if you are in receipt of the higher rate of disability living allowance. If not, then it is 17 years of age.

How many lessons will I need?

The number of lesson is completely dependant on the individual's ability. No two people are alike and everyone learns at different rates. Take your time to learn and avoid adding extra pressure. You can get the official number of lessons needed, available on the DSA website at

How much will it cost me to pass my test?

This will depend on your ability. Freedom on the road is an enjoyable pleasure that does comes at a price. Costs can be reduced by taking up the offers on the in Offers And Discounts* page.

Some people gain extra experience by practicing with a friend or relative accompanying them and this can reduce your costs. Make sure that they are legally allowed - seek professional advice in this.

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